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Sunday, February 24, 2013

It's Just a Little Snow...

Forget the snow, there are deals to be had! Besides, I never believe the 12-year old weather forecasters anyway (are they getting younger or am I just getting older?).
View from the deck this morning
The first stop today was Rite Aid. There are not many great deals this week, but Coupon Apprentice and I both had UP rewards that were expiring today so we decided to pick up a few bottles of hand soap. And by a few, I mean 13. Each. These are normally $2.99 (seriously?!) but were on sale today for $0.99, and if you buy 13 you get back $5.00 in UP rewards. 13 bottles rang up at $43, but after sale prices and UPs applied (we both had about $12 in UP rewards) we paid only sales tax and got back $5.00 UP. Why does anyone need 26 bottles of hand soap?! Believe it or not, these go fast. Not only do I wash my hands compulsively, several people are on the hand soap handout list.

Today's Trip
Next stop, CVS. Thermacare single count are $3.49, get back $3.49 in Extra Care Bucks, the 2.7 ounce toothpastes are $2.67, get back $3.00 in Extra Care Bucks, and the Mentos Gum were 2 for $2.00, get back $1.00 in Extra Care Bucks. Almost totally free, no coupons required! The last adventure was the "Wags Loop," where we hit all three Walgreens in Portland. At each we picked up a tube of Curacaine for $7.00 (regular price $11.49) and Melatonin for $4.00 (regular price $10.49). Both were FARR (free after register reward), and even better, we paid with register rewards from two weeks ago so we paid almost nothing out of pocket and ended up with $33 in register rewards for next week. You will notice the two lone Pine-sol, those were on sale 2 for $5.00, I used two $1.00 coupons and got back $1.75 so about $0.63 each - not bad since they are normally $3.59. That could have been 4 Pine-sol, but someone didn't want to like Pine-sol on Facebook, so we only had two coupons. By the second Walgreens the roads were actually getting pretty bad.
Walgreens #3
Ditched Subaru

It seems the weather forecasters were a bit more accurate than usual and the roads got progressively worse as we headed home. Coupon Assistant snapped a picture of a Subaru off the road (we didn't see any Suburbans off the road, snark!).

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